Mission Statement

We simulate software development company, with ultimate goal for students to build web apps on cloud. Students work in teams building a clone of flipkart, swiggy or work on their own app. The program brings coding skill to creative entrepreneurs to make them able to build their own application, find a job in the tech industry and collaborate efficiently with their future dev team.

Program Features

Accelerated Learning

You will learn more in 12 weeks than what you have learned in 2 years of college

480hrs of Coding

Pair up with your buddies, trainers and master the art of coding. You will code 6-8hrs every day.

Be Agile

Learn how to communicate, collaborate and manage your time lines to deliver a better product.

Build an App

Build end to end product using MEAN stack and run web app on cloud.

Career Counselling

We provide career counselling for upto 6 months after successful completion of the program.

Launch a New Career

Present your app to startups and prospective employers. Land in a job or start your own entrepreneurial journey.

Technology Stack

we train in most popular and wanted technologies with employers worldwide. We train, so you can build entire web app your self end to end (Front End, Back End, Devops, Cloud etc). Our program not only gives you good foundation in building products, you will be best prepared to face job interviews or build your own startup.


Prospective Students

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Career Changers

Looking to make a transition into a technical career? Rauzr's Bootcamp program is designed to help you acquire the right set of skills to land a job.

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Fresh Graduates

Just graduated from high school or college? This course will give you the fundamental skills to launch a career in software field or start your own business.

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If you're thinking of launching a technology company, this course will help you acquire the technical skills required to build an MVP or better manage a technical team.

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Career Boosters

This course is perfect for anyone looking to complement their existing skill set and move into more technically-focused roles e.g. (product managers, growth hackers, etc.)

Program Details

A view at program plan

Week 1-2
Static Web Design Learn & code web technologies. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.
Week 3-5
Build Server Learn & code to build server using node, mongodb, AWS.
Week 6-8
User Interface Learn & build your UI using Angular/React.
Week 9-12
Build App Full time focus on building a real world app (ex: clone flipkart, swiggy or implement your own idea)

We also focus on UX, Functional Programming, Scalability, DevOps, Test Automation etc. things essential to build great products.

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A day at rauzr code school

A typical day at Rauzr Code School involves little bit of class room learning, lot of pair programming with your buddy, agile communication with trainers, colleagues and building a real product one day a time


Pair up with your buddy, check in, get ready for day’s Project.


Agile Standup with team. Talk about your progress and goals.


Lecture and live coding sessions.


Start working on your day project with your buddy.


Lunch and exercise.


Pair Program with a trainer or buddy.


Code Review and feedback from your trainer.


Be a night owl

About Us

Team Member

Rambabu Ravuri

Lead Trainer
Ex-VP Goldman Sachs

Ram has 17+ years of experience building products for enterprises and startups.

Team Member

Sudipta Datta Gupta

Ex Goldman Sachs Analyst

Sudipta comes from NIT with passion for coding and startups. Sundeep has developed products using modern web and mobile technologies for over 3 years.

Team Member

Santhi P

Ex-SDE at Microsoft

Santhi has developed full stack web applications at Microsoft, Genpact.

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